Monday, December 9, 2013

Gmail Tips: How to Unsend your email once you hit the Send button?

Gmail the popular Email service from Google has added a new feature which we can use to Unsend any email message. Unsend means we can tell Gmail to stop sending the email message to the recipients email after we hit the Send button. This small feature gives 10 Seconds timeline to stop sending your mail.

To use this feature first we need to enable the Unsend tool. To do this we nee to go to Settings->Labs

We need to go to the Undo Send section and click on Enable radio button. Once done Click on Save Changes

Next time when you Compose and send an email the "Undo" link will appear on the screen along with the message "Your email has been sent". This will appear for 10 seconds and you can click on Undo and email message will appear in the compose window. You wil not loose any email content.

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